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Indian Astrologer in London Rajat Nayar Is a Renowned Vaastu Expert

Rajat Nayar has delved deep into vaastu studies to develop his refined knowledge and thought about how the basic floor plan and architecture of the house can have a positive or negative effect on the ambiences and its dwellers. Hailed as a famous vaastu shastra expert, his analysis about the energy balances in the living places is very intricate and made out on the basis of diversity of fundamental elements like fire, water, earth and others. Such intensive and far reaching knowledge potentials have made him the top Indian astrologer in London.

Rajat Nayar understands the vaastu intricacies!

Vaastu is a very delicate Meta science with completely latent authorizations that exists through the energy equations. These equations are developed when the house plan is structured and then the elements of fire, water and others also get established in a juxtaposed consonance. However, any ordinary mind never understands, nor he is capable of, the fine energy balances that are being generated. It is not necessary that every well furnished living place carries the good balances and in such conditions, the vaastu dosha emerges to affect the dwellers badly or the worst! Famous Indian astrologer in London Rajat Nayar has excelled in the science of determination and calculation of the existing energy equations in the living place and offers the fine correctives through adjustments and manipulations that are to be attempted for the good.

The fundamental ‘kona’

Kona refers to the corner or the meeting point of the walls and floor. According to the authentic vaastu shastra chronicles, these kona are abuzz with energies of diversity that are invited and ultimately accumulated there. If the fundamental energies are not balanced then a net negative energy is developed in such corners and this spreads to the whole of the ambience. These negative energies are latent & affect the life and thought of the dwellers for the bad. Indian astrologer in London Rajat Nayar has worked out his competencies to identify the aberrations in energy balances correctly and precisely and offer holistic advice.

You can also avail the authentic vaastu advice of Rajat Nayar’s astrology services in London and make your living place as brimming with positive energies! 



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