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Horoscope matching or Kundli Milan

London Astrologer Rajat Nayar Is Expert in Kundli Milan for Marriages

kundli milan for marriages rajat nayar is a renowned astrologer and offers perfect & holistic horoscope matching for the prospective couples. His analysis of individual horoscope of the boy and girl is made along the most fundamental and intrinsic dimensions of the marital life. The objective is to ensure that the prospective married life emerges out as good, gainful and healthy one! These ingredients actually determine the quality of the married life for the couple; however ironically many couples suffer from the moderate to severe inconsistencies of diverse orientations. The most pronounced of such aberrations is the lack of mutual compatibility which is otherwise the intricate and complex function of the individual thought and lifestyle, rather than physical relations which are contingent upon this compatibility!

Complete analysis of the ‘gun’ and ‘doshas’ of the natives

London astrologer Rajat Nayar has developed finest insights into the authentic Vedic astrology to read out the existing constraints in the matrimonial life of the couple and simultaneously offer the correctives. Moreover, his analyses as for the prospective relationship is very rational and he offers the complete picture as to what extent the existing gun and dosha in the boy and girl would help them to lead a good life! Such advice has helped large numbers of seekers who have based their marriage decision on these authentic counsels.

Assessing the potential synergisms

The notable distinction of Rajat Nayar is his ability to match the horoscopes in comprehensive totality so that the potential synergisms are established in a wholesome manner. His judgment is based on diversity of planetary influences and individual nativity that affects the orientations, thought and lifestyle of the individual person. This is compared with the same dimensional attributes of the other individual to ultimately work out the compatibility quotients. Such in depth expertise has made Rajat Nayar as the best Indian astrologer in London!

Wholly rational and scientific matchmaking for you

Kundli Milan or horoscope matching has been regarded as the underlying basis of the authentic Vedic astrology as for the matrimonial purposes. However, a proper scientifically determined analysis is what is desired! Famous Indian astrologer in London Rajat Nayar has worked his Kundli gun milan expertise as a pure and rational science that rests completely on the parameters as listed in the ancient chronicles of Indian Vedic astrology. 



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