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Remove Kaal Sarp Yog By Taking Help Of The Astrology Consultants In London

Kaal Sarpa Yoga should not be understood in literal terms. It is symbolic to the time (kaal) and the hold of a snake (Sarpa) meaning that an individual is in the hold serpent of time in his karmic actions and yoga (combination of time and its hold). This is due to the positioning of all seven planets between Rahu and Ketu. Presence of Kaal Sarpa Yoga in any horoscope is considered detrimental as all other planets lose their benefits and positive impacts, which hampers the persons luck, creates troubles and causes delays in major areas of life.

 A person with Kaal Sarpa Yoga faces low self-confidence, insecurity, and preoccupation with mundane activities, hurdles and havocs in form of unexpected situations in life like business loss, child problems, constant fear of death etc. These are believed to the effect of past karmas. There are 12 different types of Kaal Sarpa yoga depending on the positioning and influence of Rahu and Ketu.

The presence of this Yoga in the birth chart of any individual is an unpleasant experience. The best Indian astrologer in London provides the suitable remedy to this chart formation. Each of the twelve Kaal Sarpa Yogas has a unique remedy in relation to the individual’s birth chart.

It is important to consult expert astrologers like Rajat Nayar, the astrology consultants in London to understand the personalized horoscope details of an individual with the Kaal Sarpa Yoga. The impact of this differs from individual to individual; this means that having Kaal Sarpa Yoga does not necessarily deprive the individual of all the good things in life.

The remedies include worshiping deities, wearing a serpent shape ring in the finger, practicing Daan (rightful and wholehearted donations of different kinds), and changes in daily routine, chanting mantras and offering different forms of prayers at specific time and places. The fact of this yoga is so strong that a correct and detailed examination of the type of Kaal Sarpa Yoga through horoscope is extremely important to chalk out specific corrective measures. Rajat Nayar, the best astrologer consultants in london helps the individual to understand the dynamics of this and dedicatedly work out remedial measures for the overall modification and improvement of the life of the individual.



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