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Resolve Manglik Problems in Marriages by Taking Help From Expert Indian Astrologer in London

Matching the birth charts of the prospective couple is one of the oldest and most reliable practices in the Hindu Matrimony for clarity on the future life of the individuals involved. It is specifically emphasized that the match is such, which it leads to a happy, healthy and prosperous union for the couple and the families. One very important reason that this is practiced is to rule out the ‘Manglik Dosha’ in the kundali and to seek appropriate remedy if it exists in the birth charts of any- the bride or the groom.

Mangal Dosha is an astrological planetary position; of the planet Mars in the Birth Chart of an individual and since Mars is emphasized as a very strong planet in Astrology, its typical positioning in the birth chart, makes marriages inauspicious which may lead to severe distress, clashes, disharmony, dissatisfaction and overall stressful disturbances between the couple, even death. This makes it very important for the families and the couple to consider a detailed astrological advice and analysis. Astrology services in London provide proficient analysis of Birth Charts and remedies to overcome the effects of the placement of this planet.

Certain rituals can be followed to nullify the negativity of this Dosha. Rajat Nayar, the Best Indian Astrologer in London provides personalized analysis of the birth chart and the detailed effect of this planetary placement to give individualized remedy for individuals. Marriage between two Manglik individuals, Marriage to a tree or an idol before actual marriage, wearing certain gems, chanting of powerful mantras for pacification of planetary ill-effects, worshipping the nine planets, fasting and donations are some measures.

Since the Mangal Dosha is a prominent factor, causing hurdles in marital life and can lead to divorce, turmoil, and even death; so it is absolutely important to investigate its effects on one’s life. One should therefore be cautious from consulting misleading people, who do not have thorough understanding of the astrological principles and the ancient astrological roots. The expert Indian astrologer in London, Mr. Rajat Nayar assures of the most correct and appropriate guidance on the effects and remedies to provide Individual satisfaction and a pleasant future for people involved in the matrimonial alliance. The union of Individuals in Matrimony is a very pious and sacred practice; it should be beautiful, healthy, comfortable and prospering always.



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