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Moles, warts, and birthmarks in astrology

Found a birthmark or mole on your body and thinking what is it, then you are certainly going to amaze to know that it can be the mark of your destiny or fortune. Amazed, yeah I know. Well, this is so true and you can learn its existence in astrology. Though, there is a plethora of astrology practices followed worldwide, yet they are enrooted. However, by the last line of this article, you will be aware that in what way should interpret these marks, moles and warts. What are common birthmarks and warts on the body? Birthmarks and warts are generally the marks and signs, which are present since birth. You come into this world with them, and their existence is still in discussion, but astrology has revealed them a bit to satisfy the curiosity urge. According to the most famous Indian astrology, these are marks related to the ruling planet and ascendant, which explains your potential and destiny. However, in Italian, Spanish and Arabian astrology, the warts and marks are because of unfulfilled urge or cravings of the mother during pregnancy. According to them, the cravings can be anything from strawberry to chocolate that is why the warts and marks are red or brown in colour. See what these moles and marks say Moles: present on any part of the body, the moles interpret the Karma and destiny. If some woman has a big mole then she has a good Karma in the past. The mole on the left face of man interprets that the man will live a struggle free life. In many cases, the mole present on shows the potential problems in that organ, similarly the dark and like coloured warts and patches. However, if someone has a snake shaped mark, lotus mark, flag mark and leaf markthen he is lucky in many aspects. Therefore, these marks and signs have a great story to tell. If you want to know, then you should find a good astrologer.



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